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We’re pleased to share our list of favorite breakfast places, which are all within walking distance of the suites. You can discover a new one every day, or stick with your favorite!


The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club Amsterdam serves delicious all-day breakfast or lunch, like American pancakes, sandwiches or even a full English breakfast. The dishes are accompanied by fresh juices or smoothies and they have great tasting coffee. 5 minutes walking. Check their website.



This bakery has a wood oven to bake handmade fresh bread every day. There is a big selection of bread such as organic desem bread and pastries. You can sit down for an easy breakfast, but they also offer take-out. Check out our Instagram for pictures. 5 minutes walking. Check their website.


Dignita Hoftuin

This restaurant is situated in the beautiful garden of the famous Hermitage Museum. They offer breakfast, brunch, and lunch. Don’t forget to taste their delicious home-made cake. 10 minutes walking. Check their website.


Petit Lou

The newest breakfast place in the neighborhood. This brasserie all day restaurant offers a variety of choices like croissants, pancakes, salads, a daily fresh soup and tosti's. Their food is fabulous and fresh coffee is served by one of their real Barista’s. 10 minutes walking. Check their website.


Hyatt Regency Amsterdam

If you prefer a luxury breakfast buffet in a 5-star hotel, then the Hyatt is your place to go. The Hyatt is literally our neighbor, and we cooperate with them for all facilities. 2 minutes walking. Check their website.


Baking Lab

This is a bakery with a sit-down area with a mainly vegetarian menu. What makes this place special is the fact that they have a circular concept in which almost no food or energy is wasted. And of course, they offer great food, fresh juices, and good coffee. Check out our Instagram for pictures. 15 minutes walking. Check their website.


Bagels & Beans

This place offers bagels, organic yoghurt, coffee, and fresh juices. Anything you might like for a good brunch or lunch. But their true specialty is bagels, with a wide variety of tasty toppings. 5 minutes walking. Check their website.